Upper Eyelid Reduction Surgery (also known as: ‘Blepharoplasty‘) is performed to lose folds of excess skin that droop over the upper eyelids and is surgically removed leaving eyes appearing younger, larger and open. With ageing, excessive sun and genetic predisposition the skin in the upper eyelids droop, to rest on the eyelashes, obstructing vision.

The surgery is rewarding, incision lines are well hidden in the upper eyelid fold, and down time is minimal.

This cosmetic surgery can be combined with:

i) Facelift surgery to correct generalised ageing signs of face and neck.

ii) Circumoral rejuvenation with laser and fat injections.

iii) Neck liposuction to remove fatty depositions under chin.

Cosmetic Surgery Sydney will advise at consultation on your suitability for the procedure. He will also discuss the surgery and options, explain the risks involved and advise on expected outcomes and results. This will enable you to make a fully informed decision to proceed to surgery with safety and confidence.



The blepharoplasty / upper eyedlid reduction procedure recreates the youthful eye as seen in the patient as at 25 years of age. The youthful upper eyelid opens up removing the hood of skin resting on the lashes. The normal almond shape of the eye is retained. The upper eyelid fold is well defined and is positioned above the eyelashes.

Please click the ‘DETAILED INFORMATION’ link below to read a more in-depth study into this surgical procedure, including post operative information, possible complications, and to review additional before and after photographs.

detailed blepharoplasty INFORMATION