This is a very popular and frequently performed procedure, obtaining excellent results of a normal shape and size breasts. The patients are extremely happy to be comfortable in dress and beach wear, general social activities and sport.

Firstly, please read about this procedure in detail as prepared by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgery Sydney being a member. Then return to this site to see results.

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Breast Reduction

Women with large heavy breasts can often be bothered with chronic neck and back pain due to the weight of their breasts. By reducing overly large or sagging breasts to a more proportionate shape and size through breast reduction surgery offered at our Sydney area practice, Dr. Harper can alleviate many of the medical side effects associated with uncomfortably sized breasts. During breast reduction, excess skin, fat, and breast tissue is removed, the breasts are reshaped to a smaller size and the incisions are carefully extremely pleased with the symmetrical, proportionate results achieved during surgery. In nearly all cases, the daily physical and emotional discomfort these women experience before surgery is entirely eliminated after breast reduction.

A mammogram is performed preoperatively on patients over 40 years old.

All patients have a mammogram post operatively at six months as a base line for any later changes in the X Ray.

This operation will not cause, hide or delay detection of breast cancer. It will not cause breast cancer.

The Robins type reduction performed by Dr. Harper produces excellent shape and size, is uncomplicated, heals well, with normal nipple sensation, and retains it for life.


Performed under general anaesthetic. 2½-3½ hour procedure, staying overnight with drains out next morning. Dressing removed 7 days, wash breasts into bra, no sutures to be removed.


Massive growth at pregnancy – no reduction after breast feeding ceased.

Overweight patients who loose weight over 50% will have a significant reduction in breast age. Therefore to gain the ideal shape and size, best to lose weight before surgery.


Breast hypertrophe 2 pregnancies requiring reduction (30 years of age) Shape, size and projection maintained after 20 years.

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Revisional work

This is considered at 4 months post operatively:

  • Nipples / aerolas can be changed in shape, size, position more symmetrical to each other.
  • Scar Revision for irregularities.
  • Further skin excision for tightening and reshaping breasts.
  • Further reduction and size requested at 12 months. All swelling in breast has settled.
  • Recurrence of breast hypertrophy, regrowth of tissue – a true hyperplasia due to hormonal and growth factors.

Combined Procedures

Breast reduction combined with other cosmetic surgery such as:abdominoplasty, liposuction and facelift.

Risk of surgery

Surgery today is very safe, but there are risks, complications do occur.

Most patients do not have any complications, are very uncommon, if the occur further surgery may be neccessary. Complications are covered by Medicare and health funds.

Risks of surgery in general

  • Bruising / swelling – settling 2-5 weeks.
  • Bleeding from wounds – small dressings may be required 2-3 weeks.
  • Wound breakdown, healing well over 2-3 weeks with small dressings.
  • Wound infection, uncommon however may need antibiotics.
  • Scarring: Some people develop raised thickened red scars called keloid. This is due to genetic inherited factors.
  • Various treatments may be necessary Heart Circulation, chest problems
  • Sore throat from the anesthetic tube – settles over 2-3 days.

Specific Risks of a breast reduction

  • Asymetry – difficult to get exact same shape and size. Position of nipples may vary. Uncommon, and does not worry patient.
  • Loss of nipple sensation. Usually temporary taking 2-3 months to recover. Can be permanent however very rare.
  • Loss of nipple and breast tissue due to loss of blood supply. Further surgery may be necessary to correct this, skin graft to nipple & breast recunstruction.

Breast Feeding

Cosmetic Surgery Sydney performs the Robins by the breast reduction with nipple sensation, reflexes and breast feeding normal, one of the main reasons for patients seeking this procedure.

Breast Cancer

This procedure does not cause, prevent or hide Breast Cancer disease. Cosmetic Surgery Sydney orders a mammogram 4 months after the procedure as a further baseline for any additional later changes.