Please find below detailed information on Squamous Cell Carcinomas.


Please find below detailed information on Squamous Cell Carcinomas.

  1. For small cancers simple elliptical excision. The procedure is a local anaesthetic with or without sedation, a minor procedure, with tape on the wound for 7 days, all sutures internal.
  2. For flaps and full thickness skin grafts, performed in hospital under local anaesthetic with sedation, day only or staying overnight, with dressing on wound till 7 days. No sutures to be removed.
  3. Split skin grafts performed in hospital under local anaesthesia and sedation, with bed resting for 5 to 6 days while graft takes. Graft and donor site dressings all removed a 2 weeks.

Blood Thinning Agents

Aspirin ceased at two weeks before surgery.

Warfarin / other blood thinning agents – variable management and instructions will be given by Cosmetic Surgery Sydney.


Thorough healing can take time. The wound graft/or flap may look unsightly at first, but its appearance improves significantly over the next six to nine months.

Possible complications of skin cancer surgery

Complications can occur despite Cosmetic Surgery Sydney’s high standard of practice. The operation and its outcome might not fully meet your expectations.

If you are worried side effects and complications please discuss them with Cosmetic Surgery Sydney.

The following are to inform you, not alarm you:

  1. Infection in the wound and graft.
  2. Bleeding in the wound/graft.
  3. Incomplete excision of the cancer and further excision and/or radiotherapy may be required.
  4. Wound breakdown, or re-opening of wound.
  5. Loss of skin graft or flap due to variety of factors – bleeding/infection. Further surgery may be necessary.


Depends on a variety of factors. The majority of results grafts/flaps/incision lines are quite inconspicuous, flat, soft with patients very happy.

Some people develop thick scars, wide scars, depressed scars and revision may be necessary for improvement.

Cost of Skin Cancer Surgery

Cover by Medicare and Funds:

  1. Not in a fund – performed in public hospital at no charge.
  2. In a fund – performed in a private hospital – no extra gap payment Please ring the Manly rooms to discuss costs on 02 9977 1275.


1. Simple excision with primary closure.

Photographs under nodular BCC x 3.

2. BCC right shoulder – simple excision.

IMG 3066

3. BCC disease upper lip – simple excision and primary closure.

IMG 3306

Pre Op – 3mm clearance of edge of tumour Result coming.

4. Skin graft repair – full thickness skin graft.

Nodular BCC disease left lower eyelid.

After 2 weeks – skin graft taken from behine Left ear – ideal match

5. A. Full thickness skin graft:

This is a thicker graft used on the face and other sites to improve the final cosmetic appearance. Taken from excess skin around the ear, neck inner aspect of the upper arm. The donor site is sutured to leave a linear scar.

Photograph on net site (File: 53989)

A. Split Skin graft – used on the limbs and trunk, when after excision a large defect remains. Six day stay in hospital resting.

Photograph on net site (File: 53989?)

B. Wedge Excision.

A wedge shaped section is removed when the cancer is near the edge of the lip, nostril, eyelid or ear with the edges of the excision gently sutured together to reform the edge, producing a straight line incision.

1. IMG 3242

BCC Lower left eyelid margin.

2: post op pic coming.


1. IMG 2901

Pre Op Cystic BCC.

 IMG 2902


IMG 2904

Tape on wound.

IMG 3134

Healed at two months.

2. IMG 2898

Cystic BCC Neck.

3. IMG 2502

Cystic BCC on ear margin.

 Photograph comign (File: 53989)

4. IMG 2937

Cystic BCC inner eye.


  • 1. Operation/anaesthesia / recovery at Post Operative Care.
  • Blood thinning agents.
  • Healing.
  • Possible complications.
  • Scarring.
  • Cost of skin cancer surgery.