FaceliftMeloplasty with excessive sagging of facial skin and fat in the cheeks and lower eyelids, to form heavy naso labial folds, jowls and neck folds.

Correction requires ‘lifting of the face’.


Mid Face Lift Isolated sagging of facial skin and fat in the upper cheeks and lower eyelids while the jawline, chin and neck remain youthful. The subperiosteal mid face lift is the ideal corrective procedure.

Short Scar Facelift In the younger person (35 – 50) with minimal sun damage of the skin with significant but not excessive ageing signs in the face and neck then this is the ideal procedure to consider.

The short scar facelift also known as the MAC’s lift lifts and suspends the deeper sagging facial tissues to a strong fixed point in the temple fascia using three internal sutures. The fallen muscle and fat tissues of the face and neck are lifted vertically to their original youthful position to correct cheeks, jowls and neck.

Procedure developed by Belgian plasctic Surgeons in 2003. More information google Dr Patrick Tonnerd.

The procedure was developed so as to obtain an excellent, natural long term facial regeneration without the concerns of a major operation, long post operative care and significant comlipcations.